Sales CHannel Setup



Our sales channel setup product is catered towards businesses that are looking to start importing products into China or/and are already importing products into China. We offer a comprehensive six month plan geared towards building up our clients sales in the Chinese market.


The goal of this solution is to initiate and/or enhance our clients Chinese business by identifying potential new sales channels in order to drive up sales and help them reach their target KPIs. Our team simultaneously represents and enhances our client's presence in China by acting as a representative on behalf of our client while implementing a strategic sales plan catered towards our clients needs.


With an experienced team situated locally in China, we eliminate the need for our clients to travel to trade shows and fairs, hire translators, rent hotels, taxis and so on. As a one stop shop solution, our service includes the following: the importation process package (Feasibility study, Pre-Classification), the business development package (distribution network search) and the representative package (account management, area management and back office).