Legal due diligence



Our legal due diligence solution is catered towards businesses who are sourcing, purchasing or are having interactions with a Chinese company in any way. We run a thorough background check and have a step-by-step whole check-list to make sure the Chinese company is reliable and trustworthy.


The goal of this solution is to make sure that our clients are accessing only the best Chinese suppliers and partners. Out team will perform a deep dive into the history of the Chinese company and access information about its yearly audits, shareholders, lawsuits, blacklisting and if has been citied for any unusual business activity.


With an experienced team, we eliminate the need for our clients to travel to China to personally vet and check the Chinese company before doing any business with them. As a one-stop shop solution our service will cover in great detail every aspect of the company - from what trademark and IP they own, legal representative, major shareholders - to the incorporation date and yearly audit reports.