high-tech procurement



Our high-tech procurement is specifically designed for brands, who's products traditionally may not have used any high-tech components, but are actively looking to procure state-of-the-art and custom designed chips, electronics and hardware for further processing to upgrade existing analog products for the digital age.


The current issue facing many traditional brands today is to produce goods that have a sustained market demand. With the invent of IOT and AI, consumers are demanding more tech in traditional goods such as footwear, backpacks and watches. The advent of the "smart" age has put pressure on traditional brands to adapt or lose out to the new big tech companies. All this leads to a tremendous amount of money and resources being wasted to build a new R&D team, tech team, re-training staff and procuring new components just to have a new and innovative "smart" device.


With our high-tech procurement, we help traditional brands to circumvent heavy and wasteful investment, but outsourcing the entire procurement process, all the way from requirement collection to sourcing the custom-designed, state-of-the-art components. 

The goal of this solution is to ease the wasteful financial burden placed upon brands to quickly adapt to stay relevant and competitive in the "smart" market.