ai chatbot



Our AI Chatbot solution is specifically designed for the ASEAN hospitality industry, especially those who are looking for advanced solutions in order to offload staff and further engage with their clientele, all the while providing a seamless high quality service.


The current market problem in the hospitality industry stems from international travelers. As the cost of international travel has continued to fall, those in the hospitality industry have had to keep up with these ever changing demands, the primary of this being the language barrier and communication between local staff and international clients. Traditionally, to close this gap, hotels would have to train old staff to speak new languages and hire new recruits that speak multiple languages. All this can come at a high cost and premium in the extremely competitive hospitality industry and affect profit margins.


With our AI Chatbot solution, we manage to ease the problems those in the hospitality industry face. The AI Chatbot is both cross platform (Facebook, Line, Skype) and multi-lingual. This allows international clients to chat directly from anywhere, through any device, at anytime, in their native language to the AI Chatbot, whose functionality can range from simple tasks, such as answering FAQ's, to more complex interactions such as automated booking, delivery and transportation logistic.

The goal of this solution is to ease the financial burden placed upon hotels to hire and train/retrain staff just to better communicate with international clients for a task as menial as answering simple FAQs and performing repetitive low-complexity tasks.