AI Augmented reality



Our AI/AR solution is specifically designed for retail spaces that are looking for new and innovative ways to enhance their overall retail experience by using machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision to create a unique approach for clients to interact with.


The current issue facing traditional retail spaces everywhere today is relevance. The simplicity and convenience of purchasing online appeals to many people and online retail giants continue to dominate growth in this sector while many traditional retail stores are left to reconsider the relevance of having physical space and the costs that come with it. To curb this disruption, many retail spaces have had to spend lavishly on face-lifting old stores and adjust their sales strategy to focus more on the overall customer and retail experience, all the while lowering retail prices to stay competitive with online retailers.


With out AI/AR solution, we manage to curb the disruption caused by online retailers in an economical way for retail spaces. The AI/AR stations located in retail spaces helps provide an exclusive way for clients to interact with the environment and experience the products. This augments the overall customer involvement and provides retail spaces a unique selling, one that clients cannot find online.

The goal of this solution is to ease the financial burden placed upon retail spaces to lavishly facelift stores and hire new staff just to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.