cross-border commerce

China has been the manufacturer of the world for decades. Recent fears of more advanced development and higher wages forecast the market to stray away from this label - however  "MADE IN CHINA" is here to stay. Exports have grown 12.9 percent year-on-year basis to over 200 billion USD as of April 2018. Buoyed by improvements in supply chain efficiency, logistics and infrastructure, exporters are fast realizing that China has a reliable economic ecosystem. With the introduction of artificial intelligence and automation, China is now becoming less reliable on low cost labor and instead moving to more high tech manufacturing processes that create quality products which are more attractive to consumers in the global market.


Strategic sourcing

Our strategic sourcing solution are catered towards clients that are either starting to or already buying from China. With our comprehensive services, our clients can have access to OEM and ODM manufacturers, thus optimizing their supply chain and margins. We consider all the issues our clients may face while buying from Chinese sources and opening up business and commercial opportunities in their market.

Goal - The goal of this solution is to open up and improve our client's access to key Chinese suppliers by identifying potential new sourcing channels. Our team will act as commercial liason, committed to the purchase requirements, achieving cost reduction through better purchasing processes and improving our client's product portfolio.

Scope - With an experienced team situated locally in China, we facilitate the access to the largest manufacturing market in the world. We eliminate the need for our clients to travel to China and become their China purchasing office - saving costs and leveraging from our first-hand experience in Asia.

As an all inclusive solution, our service includes the sourcing and screening of potential suppliers, visiting factories, negotiations and load inspections. We also provide solutions throughout the whole logistic and transportation process until the products purchased reach our clients' facilities.